What is Adult ADHD?

In the past few years, much attention has been given to the topic of “Adult ADHD.” But what is Adult ADHD and how does it differ from what children and teens experience? Many individuals who had difficulties with attention, hyperactivity/impulsivity, or both as children continue to have challenges in these areas as adults. However, symptoms […]

Helping Your Teen with AD/HD Achieve a Good Outcome

As parents we often spend much time planning for multiple things including activities, vacations, dinner for the week, meetings, appointments, college, and the list goes on and on. Does your list include helping your teen with AD/HD achieve a good outcome? For many parents, this is not a typical item on the list, yet its […]

What Is All The Talk About Executive Functioning?

What is Executive Function? “Executive Function” is a term used to describe a set of “mental processes” or brain-based skills that are required for humans to execute or perform tasks effectively. It is the executive functions that help us carry out independent, purposeful, and goal directed behaviors. Executive skills help kids get done what needs […]

How Can I Get My Child to Behave? Behavior Chart Basics

Acknowledging your child’s positive behavior is the best way to keep that behavior going.  Creating and keeping a behavior chart (a.k.a., “sticker chart” or “reward chart”) helps everyone in the family take the time to stop and recognize when the child is doing something right.  Behavior charts also give the child clear goals, so that […]

Why Does My Child React That Way?

All too often parents question and seek a better understanding of why their children act or react in ways that are often labeled as “challenging” or “misbehavior.” The frustrating thing is that there is no single answer to this question. In fact, various influencing factors can contribute to how children respond to certain situations. In […]

Avoiding Common Summertime Mental Health Pitfalls

Ahhhh, summer.…I can almost hear the collective sighs from adults and children alike as we anticipate the freedom and fun that await us in the coming months.  For many of us, summer represents a (slightly) slower pace, more vacations, and time to relax and recharge.  However, summer can also be an important time to maintain […]

Parenting is Tougher When You Have a Child with ADHD

Children with attention deficits don’t respond to traditional parenting strategies (including punishment and rewards) the same way as do children without the condition. This occurs because they don’t seem to learn from their mistakes, avoid behaviors because of punishment, or are motivated by rewards as easily as other children. As such, parents often second guess […]

Hesitations in Medicating for ADHD

Parents who have children diagnosed with ADHD often feel apprehensive about following through with a physician recommendation for medication in order to manage symptoms. Reasons for apprehension range from concerns about the specific side effects (e.g., disturbance in appetite) to a blanket fear that not all side effects of the medication are discoverable. Research has […]

How Does Childhood ADHD Affect the Family?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects not only the child who experiences the symptoms but also the child’s family system and social networks. Each family system must make accommodations to the diagnosed child in order to maintain the family’s stability. Typically, the necessary accommodations by the family are often extensive and affect all family members and roles. […]