Linking Difference to Achieve Societal Health

We live in a diverse country at a time when difference is often denounced rather than celebrated. Many of us take issue with the dishonoring of diversity, and I would like to make a somewhat scientific case for celebrating diversity rather than censuring it. This case begins with studies in neurobiology that have found that […]

Validate, Validate, Validate

When someone we care about is in need, it is common to want to help or even try to “fix” the problem for our loved one. Though our hearts and heads may be in the right place, unsolicited advice or attempts to “fix” a perceived problem may actually lead to more distress for our loved […]

Spring Cleaning for the Psyche

Spring is a great time to take stock of your overall health and make some efforts to shift away from unhealthy habits. Here are 3 tips aimed at ditching routines and mental hang-ups that are likely to undermine your mental health, and replacing them with more adaptive habits. 1. Notice the Positive. The old saying […]

When You Judge Another, You Do Not Define Them, You Define Yourself

Recently, I was asked about what it means to remain nonjudgmental within the therapy room and whether it is truly possible not to judge others. The idea of maintaining a nonjudgmental attitude is most often associated with Carl Rogers who focused on each client as an individual and the idea that for people to truly […]

Can stress be a good thing?

As the school year gets underway, we all are faced with greater demands and levels of stress than just a month ago. And for many of us, the beginning of school leads to thoughts of the holidays, and all the stresses that come with the changing leaves. We are all too familiar with the negative […]

Preparing for Success this School Year

Every September, many students have big aspirations for the new school year. Developing a plan is key to achieving goals, and the start of the school year is the ideal time to make a plan for achieving academic success. Whether you are pursuing your own education or are the parent of a school-aged child (or […]

Pets Make Us Healthier and Happier

Most animal lovers know how incredibly fun it is to own a pet.  But did you know that pet ownership can have impressive long-term physical and mental health benefits?  Studies exploring the health benefits of the human-animal bond have found that: Pet ownership, especially dog ownership, is associated with better circulation, reduced risk of heart […]

10 Basic Strategies for “Changing the Channel” on Thoughts

Quite often, thoughts may go through our heads that are disturbing.  These thoughts sometimes make us angry, sometimes sad, and sometimes worried or scared.  While these feelings are perfectly okay, there are times when we all would prefer to “change the channel” on our thoughts, and to shift our focus to something more pleasant and […]

Psychological Spring Cleaning

With spring now upon us, what better way to greet the new season than with a twist on a yearly ritual: psychological spring cleaning. Just as we need to remove the dust from our tabletops, clear out the stale food from the refrigerator, and clean the cobwebs out of the attic, our brains – our […]

5 Tips for Fostering Gratitude and Generosity this Holiday Season

There is a reason that we have the saying that it is important to “count your blessings.” Research has long shown that gratitude plays a major role in an adult’s well-being and success, and more recent research has supported this same finding with regard to children. For example, gratitude in children as been linked to […]