Preparing for Success this School Year

Every September, many students have big aspirations for the new school year. Developing a plan is key to achieving goals, and the start of the school year is the ideal time to make a plan for achieving academic success. Whether you are pursuing your own education or are the parent of a school-aged child (or […]

8 Breathing and Mindfulness Apps That Promote Wellness for Parents and Kids

At this point, most of us are aware that practices like deep breathing, meditation and mindfulness practices are frequently recommended to reduce stress and promote both psychological and physical well-being.  However, it still isn’t always easy to incorporate such practices into your daily routine.  With the advent of smart phone technology, there is an ever-expanding […]

8 Tips for Navigating Informal Negotiations with Your Child’s School

When your child has learning differences, informal meetings at school can be a good opportunity to discuss educational services for your child.  Here are some essential tips on how to successfully negotiate in such meetings: Remember – everyone genuinely wants to support the child. The vast majority of teachers and other school personnel truly love […]

Helping Kids Navigate the Campaign Season

We are in the midst of a presidential campaign like no other in recent memory. The Republican field has winnowed down from a record number of hopefuls to one (probable) candidate, and the Democratic side is down to two. Earlier in the process, there was a great deal of discussion about the entertainment value of […]

Ban Bossy?

A mother I was talking with the other day described her 8-year-old daughter as “bossy.” I asked her about it, and she talked about how her daughter had, from the time she was very young, organized games and activities for the other children in the neighborhood. I then asked if she had ever heard the […]

How to Help your Adolescent Successfully Transition to College

This time of year, thousands of parents are hitting their local big box stores and checking off their college-bound offsprings’ shopping lists: extra-loud alarm clock (check), shower caddy (check), comfy new sheets and pillows (check), bulletin board (check).  In the frenzy of logistics – and strong emotions – that often accompanies leaving home for college, […]

How Smartphone Use Affects Our Relationships

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. While there is no doubt that smartphones have many benefits, they also have the potential to disrupt our relationships and even our mental health! Recent research indicates that smartphone use is a rising cause of relationship problems. It has become very common to use smartphones […]

Love the Child You Have

Working with parents, I frequently hear myself saying, “You have to love the child you have – not the child you imagined you would have.” And as a parent, I frequently tell myself the same thing. Everyone who has children, is expecting a child, or is even contemplating having a child fantasizes about what his […]