Changing Our Relationship to Stress

Stress is a normal response to events that make us feel threatened or upset our balance in some way. These events can occur outside of our bodies within our environments, or even within our bodies caused by illness, or depressive or anxiety symptoms. These ‘events’ can be thought of as ‘stressors’ and we all have […]

When You Judge Another, You Do Not Define Them, You Define Yourself

Recently, I was asked about what it means to remain nonjudgmental within the therapy room and whether it is truly possible not to judge others. The idea of maintaining a nonjudgmental attitude is most often associated with Carl Rogers who focused on each client as an individual and the idea that for people to truly […]

Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Goal-setting is an important function of personal development. Learning how to set goals effectively is what makes the difference between a wish (“I hope I get all A’s and B’s this semester!”) and a viable action-plan. Goals that are too vague or too lofty are likely to create feelings of failure and frustration rather than […]

Screen Time and Your Kids

Kids are spending more time than ever using screens. In fact, most American children spend more time in front of electronic screens than they do in school. According to Common Sense Media, preteens spend an average of four-and-a-half hours using screens every single day. For teens, that number soars to nearly seven hours a day […]

Can stress be a good thing?

As the school year gets underway, we all are faced with greater demands and levels of stress than just a month ago. And for many of us, the beginning of school leads to thoughts of the holidays, and all the stresses that come with the changing leaves. We are all too familiar with the negative […]

Preparing for Success this School Year

Every September, many students have big aspirations for the new school year. Developing a plan is key to achieving goals, and the start of the school year is the ideal time to make a plan for achieving academic success. Whether you are pursuing your own education or are the parent of a school-aged child (or […]

Teaching, Modeling, and Living A Respectful Life

Demonstrating respect for oneself and others is a hallmark of living a happy, healthy life. Acknowledging and honoring our similarities and differences, and truly seeing ourselves and others as the unique beings we all are, can bring a sense of inner and outer peace. In the world of 2016, it is no small feat to […]

Optimist, Pessimist, or Realist

Most of us are familiar with the age-old question, “Is the glass half-empty or half-full?”  We typically consider people to be either optimists (of course the glass is half-full) or pessimists (of course the glass is half-empty), but what if we consider that there may be more than two categories?  For example, the realist may […]