couples therapy

All close relationships are a work in progress. In healthy relationships, individuals are often able to make relationship improvements in relatively smooth ways. In other relationships, however, making positive changes can be extremely difficult. When negotiating changes in your intimate relationship becomes too challenging to manage on your own, couples therapy with a trained professional can often be what’s needed. Whether you want to enhance your relationship, resolve specific issues, improve trust and communication, or prevent divorce, our couples therapists can provide your partner and you with support, understanding, and strength to improve your relationship.

Couples therapy, also known as marital therapy or marriage counseling, differs from individual therapy in that the primary therapeutic focus involves improving the relationship rather than on helping someone with his/her individual issues. Our licensed clinical psychologists work closely with couples to identify the areas of difficulty in their relationship and assist them in deciding what changes are needed, both in the relationship and in each partner. During couples therapy sessions, we help couples develop and practice more productive problem-solving and communication skills. We also assist partners in safely exploring their difficulties together, building on the relationship’s strengths and working through areas of anger and resentment, in order to form a healthier, happier relationship.

Specific goals of couples therapy can be as varied as the couples themselves. However, a few examples of common couples therapy treatment goals include:

  • Improving communication skills
  • Building empathy and respect
  • Learning effective problem-solving and conflict resolution skills
  • Strengthening connections, including intimacy
  • Minimizing ineffective, threatening, unproductive communication patterns
  • Reducing power struggles
  • Renewing commitment to the relationship
  • Making decisions about separation and divorce

Our therapists are trained to help you establish a vision of how you want your relationship to be and then to help you make the necessary changes to achieve that vision. With support and guidance, positive relationship changes and increased satisfaction in your relationship are possible. Call us today to schedule an initial couples therapy consultation.