Comprehensive testing, our most extensive type of evaluation, helps to understand your child as a whole and can identify the underpinnings of complex and/or chronic struggles in your child’s day-to-day functioning.

FamilyFirst’s comprehensive testing examines a child’s functioning in all areas that could potentially contribute to identified difficulties in school, home, and the community. As such, it identifies strengths and weaknesses in both psychoeducational and social/emotional realms and we use the results to develop a well-rounded and detailed plan for improvement.

What does FamilyFirst’s comprehensive testing include?

Comprehensive testing includes both:

Psychoeducational testing 


Social/emotional testing

FamilyFirst believes in tailoring each assessment to meet the unique needs of your child. We customize the comprehensive assessment process to answer your specific questions. Comprehensive testing allows us to fully understand your child’s strengths and weaknesses and identifies what may be causing the behaviors you are concerned about at the current time.