Mrs. Megan Kersch, LCSW-C

Mrs. Megan Kersch is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-C) with 22 years of clinical therapy experience treating children, adolescents, families, adults, and couples. Mrs. Kersch uses a dynamic, eclectic, warm therapeutic approach emphasizing and building from clients’ internal strengths and formulating treatment goals guided by respect and principles of self-determination. Having received specialized training in multiple treatment modalities, Mrs. Kersch appreciates that the delivery of the therapeutic approach is equally important as the specifics of the interventions themselves. Especially when working with children and adolescents, Mrs. Kersch is mindful of assessing temperament differences, as well as learning styles, to best assist them in reaching their goals.

Mrs. Kersch graduated from the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Social Work in 2002 with a Masters of Social Work as well as a Specialization in Families and Children and a Sub-Specialization in Maternal and Child Health. She has received recognition in the field for contributions in early childhood mental health. To this end, Mrs. Kersch has spent many years dedicated to directly fostering secure attachment relationships between parents and children of all ages. She formed extensive collaborative partnerships as a mental health consultant for Project LAUNCH in Louisiana and served the community in Lafayette, Louisiana through her own private practice. She also has a passion for teaching and has promoted the clinical expertise of graduate Social Work students, serving as an adjunct professor for Salisbury University. Mrs. Kersch has received specialized training from leading infant mental health experts at Tulane University. She has spent many years committed to early identification of emotional health concerns in young children, as well as children with unique mental health needs, including severe cases of trauma, sensory difficulties, autism, ADHD, anxiety, and grief.


Additional areas of particular interest and dedication for Mrs. Kersch include providing therapy and emotional support for patients with terminal and difficult chronic medical diagnoses, including Alpha-Gal Syndrome. Mrs. Kersch has worked with the well loved and respected neurologist, Dr. Harry Kerasedes, an expert in the field of Traumatic Brain Injury, and provided a targeted therapeutic approach to patients attending the Chesapeake Neurology Clinic. With Dr. Kerasedes, she received cutting edge training in Neuroanatomy and Neurofeedback therapy. Mrs. Kersch has successfully served police officers, military personnel, and fire department personnel who are seeking to recover from symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She is trained in using Eye Movement Integration and Neurolinguistic Programming techniques to reduce the severity of PTSD symptoms. Additionally, Mrs. Kersch has experience supporting patients with specific dietary restrictions and nutritional challenges.

In her personal life, Mrs. Kersch is passionate about riding dressage, cooking nourishing food, and spending time with her family making memories. She seeks opportunities to make a difference, working on recipes for an Alpha Gal website and blog, and pursuing meaningful adventures for her own bucket list.