parent-focused therapy

Given the tremendous influence that parents have on their children’s development, we value our ability to offer parents the tools they need to successfully handle challenges that inevitably arise in parenting. Parent-focused therapy sessions may be utilized to fix problems, resolve issues, and repair family relationships or they can be used to help prevent problems from occurring in the future. In parent-focused therapy sessions, we strive to help parents feel more satisfied with the ways in which you interact and communicate with your child. We work closely with you to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your family’s needs.

Common treatment goals may include:

  • Helping you better understand your child’s mood or behaviors
  • Developing techniques for handling difficult behaviors
  • Implementing behavior plans at home and school
  • Finding ways to help your child listen and follow directions
  • Enhancing co-parenting between parents
  • Reducing parenting stress
  • Understanding age-appropriate behaviors
  • Assisting you in meeting your family’s needs during significant transitions, such as divorce, relocation, or loss of a loved one

Our psychologists have expertise in providing support and guidance to parents of children of all ages and we pride ourselves in helping parents discover what works best for their individual child. We firmly believe that the most effective parenting takes place when there is a good fit between parenting style and child temperament/personality. Your family’s well-being is our first priority. Call us today to schedule an initial consultation for parent-focused therapy.