Spring Cleaning: Decluttering for our Mental Health

Along with many other individuals this past month, I have engaged in some annual Spring Cleaning. Traditionally, it allows us to freshen up our homes and feel prepared for the upcoming summertime. There just seems to be something about the warmer and sunnier weather that motivates us to take stock of our lives and activates us to make changes. 

Given that sorting and decluttering our objects can feel satisfying and cathartic, I propose using the months of April and May to also Spring Clean our Mental Health by mindfully using these three easy steps:

Step 1: Get Organized

Similar to preparing to clean a physical space, we can ask ourselves these mindful questions…

  • Am I holding on to too much?
  • Am I too stressed?
  • Am I working too much and not having enough down time with friends and family?
  • What do I need to get rid of in my life? 
  • What is not working anymore for me?
  • What can I give away? 
  • Are there people in my life that can help me out?
  • What types of support do I need at this time?

Step 2: Go ‘Room by Room’

Approaching Spring Cleaning by systematically going one room at a time, is not only effective, but allows us to give each space the time and attention it deserves. Therefore, we can treat our mental health the same way, by breaking it up into important categories of focus:


  • What is my current relationship with food and nutrition?
  • Do I need to get rid of food that is not helping me feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally?
  • What groceries could I get to support my mental health?
  • Do I need help learning new recipes?
  • If I need help, can I get information on nutrition from a reliable source? 


  • How am I sleeping?
  • Is my sleep consistent?
  • Do I wake up feeling rested and ready for my day?
  • Does my bedroom feel comfortable and safe?
  • Can I adopt new habits into my evening routine to obtain better quality of sleep?

TV Room

  • Do I have physical and mental space to relax and take care of my own needs?
  • Do I have enough time during a typical day to relax?
  • What are my current coping skills?
  • What might be a new hobby or skill that I can practice?

Family/Dining Room

  • How are my relationships with members of my family?
  • What is my role within my family?
  • Who are the people in my life that I value and care for?
  • Are there people I want to spend more time with?
  • Do I want to deepen my relationships with family?
  • Do I need to set boundaries with family members? 

Step 3: Develop Future Habits 

The process of Spring Cleaning not only helps us feel better in the present moment but allows us the opportunity to implement new habits for the future. Therefore, by Spring Cleaning your Mental Health this year, you can determine the frequency of future check-ins with yourself. Whether it is once a month or twice a year, pausing and reflecting on your overall mental health goals and current progress is always helpful and beneficial. 


Ashley Hallheimer, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist