Playing to Build Social Skills in Young Children

Even for toddlers and preschool children, friendships are key. Research suggests that early social development and peer relationships are critical for later academic success, social adjustment, and the ability to handle challenges and adversity. Friendships in early childhood also provide opportunities for children to develop the skills that they will need for social interactions in … Read more

Helping Your Teenager Build Strong Relationships

Adolescence is a time of change, changes in one’s body, in one’s mood, and in one’s relationships.  Helping teenagers form and maintain healthy relationships, especially with peers, is critically important because research has shown that teens who do not have good peer relationships tend to do worse in school and are at risk for behavior … Read more

Beating the Bully Blues

Unfortunately, bullying is a common occurrence in US schools. An estimated thirteen million children are going to be bullied this year. 40% of teachers consider bullying a moderate or major problem in their schools. An estimated 32% of students ages 12-18 report experiencing bullying, and 88% of children have observed it. Thus, the far majority … Read more

A New Look at Self-Esteem

Everybody knows the importance of having a good sense of self-esteem: it protects us from depression and anxiety, it helps us make choices that are good for us, it helps children and teens be less susceptible to peer pressure, and a host of other benefits we want for ourselves and for our children. But how … Read more