Supporting Athletes During Covid-19

As we continue our ongoing adjustment to the restrictions of the current pandemic, we are recognizing that student-athletes are faced with a unique set of challenges and difficulties. Not only did they have to quickly adjust to online learning like all students last March, but also the abrupt cancellation of their season, practices, and games. … Read more

Thoughts on Getting Through a COVID-19 Winter

Now that we have weathered several seasons of life in a pandemic, many of us have settled into the anxiety a bit.  By now, most of us have given up countless get-togethers, forgone summer vacations or family reunions, and lost all kinds of previously taken-for-granted aspects of our day-to-day work or school lives.  We have … Read more

Parenting During the Pandemic: Lessons to Learn and Remember

In early March (what I have come to refer to as “the before times”), none of us could have imagined that we would be heading into a new school year with social distancing, mask wearing, and limits on travel and other activities still necessary and still in place. As time goes on, it may become … Read more

Parenting During the Pandemic: 5 Mindfulness Strategies for Coping


Cultivating a mindfulness practice where one nurtures being in the present moment with lovingkindness and without judgment can prove to be a valuable coping tool for managing the COVID-19 pandemic. The uncertainty thrust upon us along with the burdensome daily extras inherent in the quarantine and home schooling can serve to increase our personal and … Read more

Helping Teens Make Healthy Choices During the Pandemic

The stereotype surrounding teens and risky behavior is one that, in this case, is well-founded.  Teens often don’t consider the consequences of their actions, even when they are well-informed about the risks.  Or if they do consider the possible negative outcomes, somehow those consequences don’t get factored in to their decision making. This trouble with … Read more

Parenting During the Pandemic: Raising Resilient Children

In these extraordinary times, many parents are feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin in a way that they have never experienced before.  Not only are they navigating their own anxiety about how to care for their family in the midst of a global pandemic, but they are also concerned about the long-term impact that it will … Read more

Parenting During the Pandemic: Helping Children Manage Change

As COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, families are charting a new course this summer while we all work together to keep our communities safe. From the loss of end-of-the-school-year parties to limited playdates and cancelled summer camps, these unexpected changes in plans, normalcy, and routine mean that kids (and parents) are challenged more … Read more