How to Help your Adolescent Successfully Transition to College

This time of year, thousands of parents are hitting their local big box stores and checking off their college-bound offsprings’ shopping lists: extra-loud alarm clock (check), shower caddy (check), comfy new sheets and pillows (check), bulletin board (check).  In the frenzy of logistics – and strong emotions – that often accompanies leaving home for college, … Read more

Remaining Mindful of The Best Interests of Children During a Divorce: The Value of Consultation with a Clinical Psychologist

Even when two adults have the best of intentions, communication can be strained and emotions can run high when they are ending their relationship as spouses. A normal and natural part of divorce is the experiencing of distressing feelings, such as unhappiness, anger, guilt, frustration, and anxiety. If the marriage includes children, these youngsters are … Read more

Saying Goodbye

It is that bittersweet time of year when many young adults will be moving off to college. On one hand, it is a time for celebration, but on the other hand it can be difficult to say goodbye. In most circumstances, the goodbye is more of a “see ya later” as students often return home … Read more

Don’t Make Mountains out of Molehills: Why We Worry and How to Cut Back

When does worrying cross the line? The difference between normal and pathological worrying is not the content – most people worry about the same types of things. What makes worrying problematic is the frequency, intensity and the perceived uncontrollability of the activity. Worrying becomes a problem when it is constant, when it distracts from other … Read more

The Existential Crisis

The question of making or finding meaning in one’s life is often the basis for intense episodes of psychological conflict. There’s the twenty-something post-graduate having a quarter-life crisis, the thirty-something professional hearing her biological clock ticking, the middle-aged man wondering why he’s slaving away at a job he doesn’t like, and the older woman looking … Read more