Tolerating Uncertainty

Uncertainty is ubiquitous.  Throughout every stage of life, one must face new circumstances and new questions about the future.  A child starting middle school in the fall has to cope with the challenges of navigating a new school building, meeting new teachers and classmates, and learning how to balance increased academic demands.  A teen who … Read more

How to Help your Adolescent Successfully Transition to College

This time of year, thousands of parents are hitting their local big box stores and checking off their college-bound offsprings’ shopping lists: extra-loud alarm clock (check), shower caddy (check), comfy new sheets and pillows (check), bulletin board (check).  In the frenzy of logistics – and strong emotions – that often accompanies leaving home for college, … Read more

The Existential Crisis

The question of making or finding meaning in one’s life is often the basis for intense episodes of psychological conflict. There’s the twenty-something post-graduate having a quarter-life crisis, the thirty-something professional hearing her biological clock ticking, the middle-aged man wondering why he’s slaving away at a job he doesn’t like, and the older woman looking … Read more

Coping with Loss During the Holidays

Quite a lot has been written about loss and grief. Many people are familiar with the model of grief introduced by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross that talks about denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Another well accepted model of grieving discusses 4 phases: numbness, searching and yearning, disorganization and despair, and reorganization and recovery. This model also … Read more

Getting Ready for A Successful School Year

Although it’s still August, it’s not too early to start preparing your children for the back-to-school transition. By following the tips below, you can help your children get a smooth start to the new school year. Get back to a “school-friendly” sleep schedule. Schedules often become more lax in the summertime, particularly bedtimes. When bedtimes … Read more

Heading Off to Camp!

Now that summer is here, many of our children will be heading off to camp. Some will be attending overnight or “sleep away” camps for the very first time. While some children anticipate camp with eagerness and excitement, others evidence a range of negative emotions, including nervousness, fear, sadness and/or anger. Your child may be … Read more