It’s Almost Bathing Suit Season! Achieving Body Acceptance

Body Acceptance

For many years, the “body positivity” movement has been in our public discourse, as an argument against diet culture and its impact on our emotions and economy. Body positivity centers on the message that all bodies are beautiful – inclusive of all sizes, genders, ethnicities, ages, and abilities.

Supporting Athletes During Covid-19

As we continue our ongoing adjustment to the restrictions of the current pandemic, we are recognizing that student-athletes are faced with a unique set of challenges and difficulties. Not only did they have to quickly adjust to online learning like all students last March, but also the abrupt cancellation of their season, practices, and games. … Read more

Parenting During the Pandemic: Helping Children Manage Change

As COVID-19 continues to impact our daily lives, families are charting a new course this summer while we all work together to keep our communities safe. From the loss of end-of-the-school-year parties to limited playdates and cancelled summer camps, these unexpected changes in plans, normalcy, and routine mean that kids (and parents) are challenged more … Read more

Mental Toughness: Do You Have What It Takes?

Why do some people fail to reach their potential, while others go on to achieve greatness?  How do people persist when faced with tremendous obstacles and challenges?  What makes it possible to center our focus, rebound from failure, and handle enormous pressure?  In the field of sport psychology many professionals have attempted to answer these … Read more

Preparing for Winter Break

As winter break quickly approaches, many children and their families are eager for a chance to relax, unwind, and enjoy some much-needed time away from the demands of school. However, for many children, this time of year can also be a source of significant stress. In particular, children with developmental delays, AD/HD, anxiety disorders, and … Read more

Inspiration from 2016

Note: This is an adaptation of an article from the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California at Berkeley As we begin 2017, many of us are reflecting on the year that has just ended. I think most of us can agree, it has been rough. Acts of terror and violence continue around … Read more

Tolerating Uncertainty

Uncertainty is ubiquitous.  Throughout every stage of life, one must face new circumstances and new questions about the future.  A child starting middle school in the fall has to cope with the challenges of navigating a new school building, meeting new teachers and classmates, and learning how to balance increased academic demands.  A teen who … Read more

Embracing Change

Have you ever had one of those moments in life when everything seems to be going smoothly and, then, bam life happens and tosses everything you thought you knew into a whirlwind? My assumption is the answer is, yes. As the old saying goes, “The only thing that is constant is life is change.” Depending … Read more