Strategies for Building Empathy in Kids

Empathy represents a complex, often misunderstood, and sometimes taken-for-granted set of skills that help us to navigate our social and emotional world. It includes not just feeling concern for others who are in distress, but also our ability to “see” things from another’s perspective as well as to imagine how someone else might be feeling. … Read more

Is It Helpful or Harmful to Reward Kids for Good Behavior?

How can I raise my child to be a person who behaves responsibly, kindly, and generously? This question has led to seemingly endless discussions, disagreements, and disputes among parents, and among experts. One of the central points of disagreement has been whether to use rewards: are the short-term gains in good behavior real, or are … Read more

Playing to Build Social Skills in Young Children

Even for toddlers and preschool children, friendships are key. Research suggests that early social development and peer relationships are critical for later academic success, social adjustment, and the ability to handle challenges and adversity. Friendships in early childhood also provide opportunities for children to develop the skills that they will need for social interactions in … Read more

Depression in Teen Girls Much More Prevalent than Previously Believed

It is no secret that depression is an issue facing many teens, particularly teen girls.  But a large new study published in May has provided some alarming data suggesting that depression among teen girls is much more common than we previously thought.  The study found that by the age of 17, 13.6 percent of boys … Read more

Know the Signs of Common Nutrient Deficiencies and Impact on Your Child’s Well-Being

The standard American diet lacks the essential nutritional elements you and/or your child’s body needs to function optimally. This is a sad truth that many people are unaware of and as a result may spend a long time suffering from emotional, behavioral, and physical unwellness with no relief. It is important to rule out if … Read more

8 Breathing and Mindfulness Apps That Promote Wellness for Parents and Kids

At this point, most of us are aware that practices like deep breathing, meditation and mindfulness practices are frequently recommended to reduce stress and promote both psychological and physical well-being.  However, it still isn’t always easy to incorporate such practices into your daily routine.  With the advent of smart phone technology, there is an ever-expanding … Read more

8 Tips for Navigating Informal Negotiations with Your Child’s School

When your child has learning differences, informal meetings at school can be a good opportunity to discuss educational services for your child.  Here are some essential tips on how to successfully negotiate in such meetings: Remember – everyone genuinely wants to support the child. The vast majority of teachers and other school personnel truly love … Read more