Getting Ready for A Successful School Year

Although it’s still August, it’s not too early to start preparing your children for the back-to-school transition. By following the tips below, you can help your children get a smooth start to the new school year. Get back to a “school-friendly” sleep schedule. Schedules often become more lax in the summertime, particularly bedtimes. When bedtimes … Read more

What To Do When Your Child Says “No!”

It almost seems as if defiance has become a rite of passage for children and adolescents. All too often children refuse to do what parents ask them to do and this can lead to tremendous stress in families. Fortunately, parents can stop a pattern of defiance and negativity in children with a few simple strategies: … Read more

Basic Principles For Fostering Self-Esteem

The most important thing you can give your child is a sense of self-confidence. The foundation of self-confidence is self-esteem.  Building self-esteem is a process and usually a slow one.  Below are several tips for helping your child see him or herself as capable and competent, lovable and loving, unique and valuable. First, be available … Read more

Typical Teen Behavior vs. Cause for Concern

Is your teen’s mood just part of growing up or something you should be worried about?  It’s often difficult for parents to differentiate between normal moodiness and signs of an emotional problem, such as depression or anxiety, in their teenage children.  In light of recent news of high profile cases of suicide among young people, … Read more