5 Strategies for Promoting Family Wellness

Washington, D.C. was recently rated the “#1 Most Stressed Out City in America” by a real estate blog, which based its ratings on criteria including commute time, high cost of living, hours worked, and population density. Research suggests that high levels of stress have a negative impact on health and well-being, including fighting illness, thinking … Read more

Review of “Raising a Moral Child” by Adam Grant

I recently read an interesting article in The New York Times about raising a moral child. The article, “Raising a Moral Child,” was written by Adam Grant, a professor of management and psychology at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and author of “Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success.” The … Read more

What To Do When You Can’t Do Anything About It

Wishing something would happen but it never does. Wanting someone to do something different, but she never does. Worrying about what someone else thinks of us, getting angry when the rain spoils our cookout, and stressing about what the traffic will be like when we leave work tonight. These are all things we have no … Read more

Tips for Co-Parenting After Divorce

Divorce brings up many emotions, including anger, sadness, loss, and/or relief, and individuals often need time away from their ex-spouse in order to work through their feelings and move forward. For spouses who also are parents, however, ongoing interactions with one’s ex-spouse are inevitable. That is, even though they are not married any longer, they … Read more